A mother have the right to choose because its her body?

Is this another way of dictum that a mothers right to choose is given a higher pro than the foetus's right to life?

Yes, because the mother is a human man. The fetus is only a potential human anyone.
No, feeling is tremendously important but acquaintance is always right because the wisdom get fell but felling is alone
yes and that's the sh++ cut of it,we can't tell anyone what to do near their body even if we are Rn's and beg for this child to be born.
i can`t stand the fact that it''s the mother's side adjectives the time.
Yes.The rights of the born will always pocket precedence over the "rights" of the unborn.Life begins at birth.
A women have the right it is her body it her situation it is her who will be resopnsible

If raped by a stranger or family partaker could you carry the child knowing how you be violated.and as for as a man having any right to vote on this issue I have a sneaking suspicion that not he can not be put in any of the situations that a woman can he have sperm that is it
you may not be facing human being homeless may not have be raped and pregnate from it..he will not be 16 and alone with a child to bump up because the boy said "I will be there" and she never sees him again

Sorry I don't hand over just a simple yes/no answer but it's not that assured to me
NO !! Abortion is wrong !!
If we take away a woman's right to choose, we are setting the stage for women to become reproductive slaves, impregnanted against their wills.


(and if you haven't get one, you have no room to confer!)

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