A doctor is switching a lenient from a COX-2 inhibitor & requests catalogue of other NSAIDS.What should pharmacist do?

A good pharmacist would ask the doctor or the merciful what is the COX-2 being used for, the drive for switching and if the patient have tried other similar medications surrounded by the past, and if they worked up to that time. The pharmacist should also ask about the patient's other pertinent medical history as NSAID's may not be a knowledgeable choice in a tolerant who has a history of kidney let-down or GI bleeding.

Once all this information is elicit, then they should suggest a few that will work for the tolerant, keeping in mind price, value, and convenience for the patient (twice a time better than 4 times a day, etc.).
There must be a use why the patient is man switched. Find other NSAIDS that will work.

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