A give somebody the third degree for physicians single please?

what is going on in the body when the diastolic pressure is large >100? why is it such a challenge to treat near medication? i've seen this problem beside several patients most of them are men.

1) the diastolic pressure refers to the peripheral resistance , so if the PR is high-ranking the DP is high too.Any approach there are deeply of reasons that increase the lateral resistance ( e.g. Atherosclerosis ) >

2) it is cosidered as a challenge because in attendance is no medicine that decrease the diastolic pressure alone. So decreasing the systolic and diastolic pressures puts the patient surrounded by emergency .

3) MEN, may be because men have increased risk factor than women like stoutness, fatty food, alcohol, smoking.

it is my opinion as tablets student
What is going on? The heart is having a hell of time getting switch fluids through the body. That is all.

Its intricate to treat with meds because we men dont seem to be to enjoy taking meds. Again, specifically all.

No tricks, no secret. If you hold friends or relatives who have this problem, or you are trying to link the medical field, here is my direction; Often, men do not take support of themselves unless they are scared, dying, or father. And even those are not gauranteed reasons.
if you're contained by the med field, why don't you ask a doc? plus how do you really know anyone who answers this request for information is really a doctor?
Well the blood vessels are constricted,.. the peipheral pressure is soaring,.. hence heart has to play the drums against a very big pressure,..it is really bad because try to envision a water pump have to pump into a clogged pipe.
1) Blood volume may have increased (hence the obligation for diuretics) and as a result of starlings law of contraction the heart is forced to pump harder, within order to accommodate for differences contained by blood volume, causing ventricular hypertrophy as a long residence effect.

2) Peripheral resistance increases due to narrowing of the arteries so the heart has to pump harder.

Getting the tolerant to consistently take the medication is a problem.

Not a physician though.

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