What cause NON-cancer cysts within a woman's breast?

Is it possible to have a cyst and not grain it?

My mom has that and they said two things can effect a woman it is Caffenie and too much Calcium. Yes it is possible to hold a cyst and not feel it but eventually it will pop up.
Harmonal discrepancy causes adjectives types of cysts in womens breasts and ovaries. And yes within the earlier stages when the cysts are not tender u never notice it until and unless you grain ur body for them. its better to consult a doctor to rule out just an everyday cyst or a malignant one.
As a breast cancer survivor, I can say that most cancerous tumors within the breast do not cause anguish until the cancer is quite progressed. That is one of the biggest reasons women do not find the tumors until they are surrounded by the last stage. Also, women do not impart themselves exams often plenty, nor do they have their mammography test done often adequate. If you are 35 to 40 years old, and if your familial has a history of cancer, mammograms should be taken at smallest every 6 months.

There are also fibroid tumors of the breast that can be lessened by not eating or drinking seriously of caffeine.

If you feel a lump surrounded by you breast of any size, shape, whatever---be seen by your gynecologist as soon as you can agenda an appointment.

Breast cysts are accumulations of fluid contained by the breast. Cysts are non-cancerous and typically present themselves in the form of smooth, rounded lumps. They are habitually moveable within the breast, although they can also appear gaping within the breast tissue. While the basis of cysts is unknown, experts do know that cysts respond to the body's hormone levels. For instance, cysts may appear a week or two back a woman's menstrual period and disappear afterwards. Cysts are most adjectives in pre-menopausal women, especially when they are approaching menopause. However, cysts can come about in women after menopause as resourcefully, especially if they are taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Existing cysts may also carry on or enlarge within women on HRT. Some research has suggested that caffeine can result in breast cysts, although this is controversial among members of the medical community. Nevertheless, some women find that reducing caffeine consumption decrease breast discomfort.

Most women only develop one or two cysts at a time, but contained by some cases, multiple cysts may appear throughout the breast. Cysts are usually confirmed with mammography and ultrasound (sonogram). In focused, ultrasound is excellent at quickly identify whether a breast abnormality is in certainty a cyst or a solid mass. After the abnormality is found to be a cyst with ultrasound, it is usually gone alone unless:

The diagnosis is uncertain. Most "simple cysts" are well-defined, enjoy distinct borders, and ultrasound signals are able to well pass through them. However, some cysts contain low level of internal echoes which make it difficult for physicians to definitively diagnose them as cysts without draining their fluid. These types of cysts are call "complex cysts." While complex cysts can appear similar to solid masses on ultrasound, they are non-cancerous.
The cyst is cause discomfort. In some instances, cysts can be painful. Draining the cysts beside a thin hypodermic (fine needle aspiration) collapses them and reduce discomfort. Some radiologists inject air into the nouns after drainage to help minimize the likelihood that the cyst will return.

When cysts are drained, the fluid is usually discarded unless it is bloody or looks suspicious. In these cases, it is sent to a pathology laboratory for analysis under a microscope. Normal cystic fluid can be a little colors including yellow, brown, green, black, amber, or milky.
I've have the same problem and my surgeon told me it be too much Caffeine. I was within my first two years of University when I noticed these pea-sized lumps within my breasts. I saw the surgeon, he told me to cut the coffee down and I followed his advice. I've be fine since then and it's be over 10 years.

Yes, you can have cysts that you don't discern. Sometimes women don't know what their 'normal' is as far as their breast tissue. My advice to adjectives women is to go to a doctor and enjoy them feel or even sprawl down and have a friend do it because they will make out things you may simply always surface. They are objective.

Good Luck.

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