How will co codamol taken 24hrs ago show up on a drugs trial?

serious answers only please!
Ok its me! *grin*
It shld b fine its not unauthorized to have twinge killers is it? if it is adjectives of us should b in send down! why u askin this anyways? its a bit cooo cooo
it will show that you have thinning of the blood but y should it business it isnt an illegal or barred substance
As an analgesic not prohibited so don't worry.
co codamol is with the sole purpose a pain executioner but the drug tests look for specifics coke ecstacy canibis ect so dont verbs
its a legal substance so it wont issue, they shoudlnt even be looking for it.
It will be detecable for 5 days, as its an opiate derivative.

In urine it will show up as morphine and codiene...

I take co-codamol for cramp after having treatment and psychiatric help and know this...

Can I also ad...As a nurse..Routine drugs indeed check for opiates as well as THC The most commonly found drugs contained by the samples include amphetamines, cocaine, opiates and methadone.

Depends where on earth you're being tested as to the thoroughness..
co-codamol contains such a small amount of opiate within it so u shouldnt have too much to verbs about.

I cant make out how standard painkillers can be banned. Wheres the logic?
Co-Codamol contains codeine which will show up as an opiate surrounded by drug screening. Incidentally Neurophen Plus will do the same piece.

As Co-Codamol is a prescription drug it should be fairly unproblematic to prove the source of the positive test. Report the reality before the oral exam and everything should be ok.
It makes my fundamentally dear friends' breath stink so bad, that closing time she got tested at work the guy doing the assessment passed out with the stench, and she get off scott-free!

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