(1)how is a karyotype construsted?(2)what information do doctors swot from a karyotpye?

Hello. A karyotype is made by taking a picture of someones chromosomes, then cut them out according to size, using a centromere to position it as guides. 2, A scientist learn about the genetic disorders the individual have.
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A karyotype is constructed by taking the full set of chromosomes and pairing up the matching chromosomes. Docs are looking for chromosome abnormality..ie, too many, too few, broken or misfitted ones.
Karyotypes are constructed usually by taking a token of blood or other cells, stimulating them to divide contained by a dish or tube and then fixing the cell and staining them with different chemicals that impart a banding guide to the DNA of the chromosomes. A picture is taken, the images of the individual chromosomes are sorted and afterwards set up as pairs. Using this technique you can identify substantial chromosomal rearrangements and sites of likely deletion. It cannot detect small changes surrounded by the chromosomes.

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