5 signs of acute inflamation?

Pain, redness, fry, swelling, immobility..
redness, itchy, hot, bleeding, swelling
I. Erythema (redness)
II. Calor (hot) (fever)
III. Edema (swelling)
VI. Pain
Puritis (itching) (Sometimes listed, sometimes not)
The above are physical exam findings,
In the actual world, the lab test call the ESR, or Erythocyte Sedimentation Rate, is the best marker of inflammation.
The treatment of choice for inflammation is the class of medication called the NSAIDS, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Advil, motrin, anaprox etc, or the unsullied class of Cox II drugs celebrex, vioxx, and bextra, the last two which hold been taken bad the market, the steroid anti-inflammatory its self, such as prednisone PO., dexamethasone I.M., Kenalog I.M./I.V. etc.
There are 4 cardinal signs of inflammation. Heat (calor), reddishness (rubor), Swelling, Pain. Not five.
pain,heat,swelling,glow,loss">pain,roast,swelling,redness,los. of function
Please see Robbins Pathology.
Hope this help.
Tumor,rubor,calor,dolor and loss of function

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