A press nearly menstruation.?

I'm student of college of medicine & I know that adjectives of girls have hymen contained by their vagina, so how does bloody things come out through their vagina while menstruation.

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Here's a unbroken article on it!


you must be a new student. Not adjectives girls have their hymen intact. Having one, however, doesn't prevent the process of involuntary extraction of an unfertilized egg otherwise certain as menstruating.
Not every woman is born with a hymen, and it's not a solid membrane. It's more close to a ring of tissue around the vaginal opening.
You've have some uninformed teachers. Most girls are born beside a hymen, but not all are. By the time menstruation occur at anywhere from age 9-17, many girls that have a hymen at birth no longer do from years' worth of daily comings and goings. Many doctors remove the hymen when girls are a young age, possibly around age 3 or so, to make them smaller quantity susceptible to pain and infection. If a hymen is still present when menstruation occur, it almost always can allow the flow to surpass as it doesn't form an actual plug, but rather a guarded shield.
Please see the webpage for more details on Hymen.
I proud of you ,you hold so power full &prowler mind &you think of and research roughly so much important things,I will you be successful in your method ;I mean ,to find out the exite style of women,s menses blood .
The hymen is not imperforate. Most girls have ruptured it on a bicycle of otherwise anyway.
I can figure out how misunderstanding can arise around this especially when you come from a culture or family that does not speech of such things. Hymens are rarely more than a mention contained by physiology texts and a brief discussion contained by human sexuality and development classes.

A hymen is a small sheath tissue that does not completely encumber the vaginal opening, though within some cases it has be known to do so. It have been set to be not present at adjectives at birth in some cases.

For centuries it have been the indicator of virginity because a woman would lose it when she be first penetrated by a man during her first act of sex. However, the hymen is usually a intensely delicate bit of tissue and can break or rip with the riding of bicycles, horseback riding, energetic stretching and heavy lifting.

In cases where on earth the opening have been obstructed, doctors own broken the hymen to prevent infections and allow mensus flow. If the hymen is thicker than normal, not graceful but tough, it can be very sore, and again a doctor can intervene. This is usually done long before puberty or at the start.

Most women don't even think of it anymore contained by American society because we are so active that by the time we do own our first sexual encounter, the hymen is no longer intact.
havent u studied the anatomey of female masculinity,if u study it then u will find that hymen is not totaly closed it have got for a while groove
the hymen is not a solid thick piece of skin that go across the vagina. it is more likely to only just be thin skin around the vagina purely narrowing it , not closing it off it is non existant surrounded by some females, not every woman bleeds with intercourse if she is a virgin lately FYI

ps you don't sound much close to a med student

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