About forensic DNA test - seem something's wrong?

I read the result of a forensic DNA test, and the report said the likelihood of having such a cut-out was one within TEN BILLION.

Now, seeing that the are fewer than SEVEN BILLION humans alive at this time, shouldn't that prove the testing results untrue?


What this means is that on average you would enjoy to test ten billion family to find an individual with duplicate genetic markers that the lab be testing for. Those likelihood have to do near the statistics of genetic variation, and enjoy nothing to do near the number of people on planet.

Keep in mind that it's still not strictly impossible that here isn't another person on land with those same marker. For example, the odds of rolling a 5 on a 10 sided die is 1/10, but it still possible to roll a 5 on a single roll.

In certainty, the odds that another human being has alike markers should be 1-(10e9-1/10e9)^7e9, which if I kept appropriate track of errors comes out to around 50:50 that there is another entity on earth beside those same markers.
no, that merely makes them even more concrete. if in that are seven billion people on the planet and the assessment says one surrounded by ten billion, that means that in attendance could be three billion more people and it would still prove that the dna belonged to the suspect one tested. basically it's proverb that there is not a snowballs unsystematic in hell that that dna belonged to anyone else on this planet.
It's a numeric confusion. But presume it: seven billion humans alive against every human that has be on earth. And every one beside a single pattern of DNA. Say that it's one within 10 billion it's just statistical, not literal.

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