A sound out almost organ harvest?

When a person is determined to be brain motionless, and organ donation approved, it is my understanding that aeration and other methods continue to be used to preserve the blood flowing through the organs. What would be the effect on the organs if life support be first withdrawn to allow the person to die contained by every sense of the word? How much would be lost if organs were later harvested?

I ask because I assume I'd be more comfortable allowing donation after a loved one's heart had stopped spanking. Strange, because I had a son die at 15 for insufficiency of enough heart. Still, I want to know.

Lack of oxygen rapidly produces demise of cells and make organ unsuitable for transplant.
The tissue of the organs will "die" as well once the blood stops pumping to it. The longer the organ have no blood supply, the more cells die, rendering it incapable of use to give a hand another person.
The cell in the organs inaugurate to die immediately after blood flow stops and they no longer receive oxygen. Dead organs are perfect to no one. Brain unresponsive is dead adequate, life support can be in motion on for a long time, too long in some occasion.
When a person is declared late but viable for organ donation, they are kept on life support, import that everything (other than the brain) continues to function through nature and the aid of medication + technology. Once the heart is stopped, we then own at the most 5 minutes to retrieve most major organs for donation. Without the heart pumping blood, and as a result oxygen, to the organs, they simply dies.
The blood needs to still be flowing thru the body to keep hold of the organs in accurate working order. The tolerant does not feel any misery when the organ is harvested. they are on massive amounts of headache meds. and they are brain dead, so no twinge is felt.. In the bag of the heart, it would need to enjoy blood flowing thru it so there would be no twist to it, and it would be a healthy heart for the being, I am so sorry for you lose of you son.. Blessings to you..
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I give attention to it is that it allows the blood to flow through the organs to keep them viable. Ask a doctor though.

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