1.restriction enzymes not cut itsown DNA why? (2.) what is pomato. brefily describe.?

hello sir
i am abhay . student of biotechnology. pls send me a answer contained by my question.

appreciation. i am waiting for answer in this press


Restriction enzymes are very selective, solitary cutting specific nucleotide sequences.

Pomato?? Potato + tomato??
Restriction enzymes won't cut methylated DNA. That's how germs protect themselves.

I'm guessing that a pomato is a tomato with some potato genes within it to help it stay fresh and unbruised during shipping.
okay,a student of bt must know abt pomato.pomato is a hybrid of tomato+potato..so pomato.it is made by protoplast fusion technique.d protoplasts of both potato and tomato r fused using certain chemicals similar to poly ethylene glycol (peg) .after fusion the protoplasts r transferred 2 a culture medium where on earth callus formation takes place .
the answer 2 your other ques.is that every enzyme have information.it knows wat function it have 2 perform.the chemicals which it have r effectve against others.
restriction enzymes recognize specific sequences. this within itself is a first layer of protection as the detection sequence is very frequently of a G-C content that differs from the host genome, so said sequence will be vastly rare within the host chromosome.

second layer of protection is methylation. however, the previous answer dealing next to this is only to some extent true. normally, the genes encoding restriction enzymes are found along beside genes encoding methylases, and these methylases act on alike sequence as the restriction enzyme. the enzyme cannot cut the methylated sequence so only foreign dna near that sequence will be digested, the host chromosome being methylated.

HOWEVER, some restriction enzymes work the opposit, and digest methylated dna. check out the NEB catalog for enzymes where on earth this is the case, they're sold beside SAM as a supplement for the reaction.

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