2 1/2 years frail child hip not steady, she is not competent to stroll middle-of-the-road and also habitually she puts her d¨Ścolletage down?

doctor says problem might be contained by the nerves connecting to the brain. her activities and speach is commonplace. only problem her legs does not stand steady and her body from the hip shakes and her nouns puts down.

You need to clutch her to a pediatric neurologist. If she suddenly started having these problems, you might consider a call in to the emergency room. If these problems began slowly, you could consider getting an appointment ASAP next to a boad certified pediatric neurologist and have your daughter's condition thoroughly checked out.

This sounds far satisfactory out of the ordinary that you really inevitability to see a pediatric neurology specialist as soon as possible.
Go to a Dr. That sounds really bad. I parsimonious, REALLY bad. Get in attendance as soon as you can, it could be permanent.
Ask your doctor what are rickets.ever see bow legged children, or old ethnic group walking bent over.its sometimes because of low calcium
If your doctor has not already referred you to a pediatric neurologist afterwards you need to not single find a new doctor but


this is not common and nerve mar is NOT something to "wait and see" something like. A child that was conventional..and then suddenly develops an strange loss like this desires to be seen right now.

fight for your child.steal them to a specialist NOW!

good luck to you!
If it is because the child have Measles and now Cant bearing the use of the Homeopathic remedy VARIOLINUM in CM potency one dose which is 3 drops surrounded by a sip of water, Just 3 dose at two months interval will cure the child !

If it is not because of measles use the following three Homeopathic Remedies:-
1.BARYTA CARB 200, three drops surrounded by a sip of water, once a daylight
2.NATRUM MUR 6X and KALI PHOS 6X , four tablets each every four hours atleast partially hour before meal will make him hike after regular use.
These are all side effects free Homeopathic remedies they will not spoil the child in anyway.
Feel free to dispatch me the child's details so i can help treat him better.
Take Care and God Bless !

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