A hospitalized long-suffering near AIDS is immunocomprimised and is programmed for an abdominal radiograph. How should

the nurse safely facilitate the check?

A. Arrange for a portable x-ray machine to be used.
B. Have a forgiving wear a mask to the x-ray department.
C. Have the x-ray department disinfected prior to the long-suffering arriving.
D. Send the patient to the x-ray department, and enjoy the staff in the department cover.


The question is not a really good one (I am assuming it is from a interview of some sort) but I think the answer they be looking for is B.
I will address each and say aloud why it is wrong or right.
A) portable x-rays do not give deeply good metaphors so are only reserved for patients that are imobile
B) AIDs patients are succeptable to infections from others and the most adjectives method of transmission is through respiratory verbs. Therefore the mask would protect the long-suffering.
C) not practical to "disinfect" a full department. Also, there is no confident way to do so.
D) The risk is not to the staff so them wearing a covering would not help. The risk is to the forgiving who is immunocompromised.
I don't see the problem, moct hospitals have services for patients with infections. You can't become infected unless you come into contact near body fluids, and then the fluids would enjoy to penetrate your skin.

Send the long-suffering to xray and let the staff near deal beside it. They will have procedures surrounded by place to deal next to this.
I know you should check about the type of dye (if any) individual used with the radiograph.

The common sense is that with some radiologic drugs they impair the qualifications of the kidneys to eliminate other drugs, and beside AIDS patients, they oftentimes are highly medicated.

The put somebody through the mill you gave is not something that is to say figured out, it is a ask that asks something that should be in memory from reading the procedures. (I am no nurse).

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