About Botulinum Toxin injection?

Are there anyone who try botulinum toxin injection for any basis either cosmetic or for dystonia or spasticity?

I use it for low spinal column pain
I achieve botox shots for cervical dystonia, and have for almost two years presently. The effects are amazing, the pain and muscle spasms almost totally disappear. It is extremely expensive, especially minus insurance - which I did for a while, and lasts roughly 3 months before you know you are need more shots. SO worth it though, compared to before.
My mother have a degenerated disk within her neck from years as a secretary. This disk have caused some brass neck damage contained by her face - sort of a spasm contained by her face and "roaring" within her ear that hurts and is unpleasant. She has be injected for the past several years beside this in her cheeks, in close proximity her eyes and eyebrows and near her mouth. While it cause some drooping after she has the shots, she hasn't have the discomfort like beforehand.

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