A guy is getting a drug treatment transdermally.?

Why are drugs delivered this passageway fat-soluble and not water-soluble?

It is convenient for one. The drug is released at a steady rate over a long period of time. Also, some drugs may not be immersed well if taken in words, or are destroyed in the stomach, so transdermally, you bypass the stomach.
The dosing is more accurate and smaller quantity invasive and they are water-soluble
i have no clue!
Transdermally money the absorption take place thru the skin, the largest organ of the body. Therefore, it does not have to be metabolized by the liver or kidneys. In some people with kidney or liver problems their fitness to metabolize the drug is diminished and by giving it this way spares these organs. Altho it sounds great contained by theory, within that, the drugs are suppose to stay at a constant in their labour, many stirring persons complain that they get the impression spikes, and before the patch is geared up to come off it is no longer working for them. Most culture I know complain that they have trouble keeping them to stick for any length of time. But for those individuals who can't take them any other method it's yet another prospect to treat their malady.

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