A cardiologist may know?

Has the following ever been clinically observed ?

A significantly enlarged heart contained by a twenty-two year old masculine with adjectives related mechanical inefficiencies, which continues for over three decades, but later shrinks back to usual size with 80 pct rescue of normal function ?

It's an honest request for information, and your informed reply will be greatly appreciated.

Hmm well the enlarged heart is do t hypertrophy of the heart.
Now how it get back to usual is very abnormal to me.
I will Instigate and mail you.

note+ sometimes drug can't explain everything, just yesterday i have a patient get better from quistic kidneys, he wasn't responding to antibiotics and things were looking unpromising for him the past three weeks he even go into transplant list and be going to be scheduled for surgery and dialysis.
Today i palpitated him, he experienced no anguish he was wager on to normal near no explainable pathology.

i will investigate any related pathology regarding your interview I'm still not in cardio.

thank you for the sound out.
Diabetic or Alcoholic cardiomyopathy partly explains the condition but honestly I`m not sure.

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