A give somebody the third degree more or less pre pills?

I'm just wondering if I can study physician assistance as a chief in one university and steal a pre medicine focal in another university, is that possible?

Of course it is. But I expect you are confused as I suspect a PA is an associates degree.two year program NOT BA or BS from university.
Pre pills is a discipline to prepare you for medical school. As long as you fulfill the requirements of the medical conservatory you can claim any major you option..arts, PE, Home Ec, but you'll never get into medical conservatory without THEIR requirements.

Inspite of MR. Type A who seem to miss the point entirely, and lame brain, who denies "pre med" as a declared major..it can be and is a "major"..one can own as many majors to the the "college" of his choice.double, triple, quadruple etc..majors..a focal is hourly credits toward that major.
No. If I'm not mistaken, you enjoy to have a 4-year amount in biology, chemistry, or physics contained by order to attend PA university.
Why not? Only three considerations: 1)How much tuition money do you have? 2) Can you attain by on three hours of sleep per night for months at a time? and 3) Do you tender a royal flippin' rip about what little social life span you have? Here's another thought: "Rome wasn't built contained by a day!" Where's the fire? Lighten up on yourself or you'll crash and burn.. and it won't be pretty!
a 4 year BS/BA scope is a pre-requisited for admission surrounded by most PA programs, a PA degree would require new 2 years, most applicants to a PA program would be majoring in related corral (mainly biology, chemistry, biochem, etc..) but is not require. As far as I know, there is no crucial in pre-med surrounded by any school. Pre-med is usually a program that prepare students for medical school, people surrounded by pre-med would major surrounded by other fields (biology, chemistry, biochem, even English, etc..), associates in pre-med is require to finish broad chem, general bio, life chem, and physics because those are the pre-requisite courses for medical school.

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