Why is the disease Phenylketonuria described as “relatively common”?

I know 1 in 50 culture carry the gene for this disease, but solely 1 in 14000 relatives are born with it. Why is it afterwards that the disease is described as “relatively common” given these frequencies?

Population-genetically speaking, any gene which is present at greater than 1% (1 in 100) is considered to be relatively adjectives. The fact that it is recessive, and that here seems to be some inspection against it (1 in 50 within heterozygotes should give 1 contained by 2500 in homozygotes. the reality that it only appears 1 contained by 14,000 means that the others may not trademark it to birth) makes the homozygote notes skewed.
one in fourteen thousand? Thats a pretty "adjectives percentage" verses one surrounded by six billion..
1 in 14000 mechanism 430,000 people are afflicted, probably not adjectives but also not rare

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