A sound out for pre medication students?

how many hours does a pre tablets student study per day?
and what is the GPA and the SAT win required to get within a pre med program?

It all depends on what university/college you are applying to. Most school have indistinguishable admission stats [requirments] for adjectives majors. In fact you don't usually own to declare your through or pursuit of medicine until after you hold been attending the college for at least a year. Furthermore, most school don't have pre-med majors [i.e. you own to major within something else like biology or chemestry. or anything else, but you must fullfill pre-med reqs.]

Pre-med classes that you'll obligation to take contained by college include: chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, and physics, as in good health as labs for all of these classes.

The amount of studying that you'll call for to do all depends on what institution you attend and how hard you are inclined to try.

My sister attends Brandeis University and is pre-med there. She tell me that she often studies in the region of 3 hours a day. However, back a test she habitually studies several days straight.

Getting into med. school; however, is a different story. It is pretty difficult. You will stipulation to take the mcats which test biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and singing reasoning. The highest evaluation on this test is a 45 but such a win is pretty tough to get.

Good luck contained by your pursuits. It won't be easy, but it will be rewarding.
7- 14 hours a hours of daylight.

They don't need to sit for GPA and SAT for going to a local Pre-med College within India.
all this info can be found at collegeboard.com. i would check and relate you, but i'm just too inactive
about 1-2 hours each day, except weekends.they're for fun!
4 - 6 hours, but lots of 15 / 30 minute breaks inbetween (and lots of rest after exams to get rid of the stress).

In England, most dignified standard unis like Oxford or Cambridge ask for AAA surrounded by A levels and most want students to enjoy Chemistry as one of the subjects.

Other lower standard unis would settle for AAB or ABB.

There isn't really a pre-med program here except a very critical test call BMAT, which you must pass to take a place, and probably an interview.

Could you specify which country you want to study in and I don`t know i can be of help.
Or e-mail me: [email protected] (i'm also hoping to study medicine).

Good luck surrounded by medicine!
im a med student own 11 months till i graduate and i study at home about 2 hours later at least an hour during class time as far as the GPA i enjoy always have at least a 3.5 or better so i really cant facilitate you there, i can recount you whatever you are working towards be prepared to enjoy no life till you graduate
At most 16 hours per sunshine; GPA should be A+ through B or B+; SAT should be a high chalk up, but most universities and colleges allow ACTs.

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