A press in the order of stem-cells and cancer?

I recently read an article in the order of stem-cells proliferating cancer. How much evidence is there to support this argument? Is nearby any evidence against it? And if its true, what can be done to solve the problem?

Did you really read the article? It said that in mice, stem cell injected into the brain showed some, but not all characteristics of cancer, when view under the microscope. Nor did it behave similar to cancer in vivo. That is the headline that the medium "interpretation" of the findings ran, thinking it would assemble readership, therefore media hype dollars.
hmmmm . i havent heard anything something like that, but it seems that stem cell cannot proliferate cancer unless they were themselves cancer cell. because thats what stem cells do you know, proliferate themselves. I don`t know the cancerous cells can effect neighboring stem cells to mutate into more cancerous cell and then the cancer would be outta control. and as far as a solution, capably thats our biggest problem with stem cell, we cant make them stop growing!
A cancer, by definition, is a cell who's machinery for reproduction have gone haywire. The cell grows and grows, disrupting the other normal cell around it, and if it is in an organ, compromising it's function.
Blood cancer, like leukemia and lymphoma are stem cell cancer, of a sort. The bone marrow produces any number of cell types, lymphocytes, leukocyts, red cells, platelets, plasma cell, etc.
In the article, they specifically mention that the oldest stem cells, those that have undergone over 120 replications, that's 120 generations surrounded by cellular time. These cells developed a defective telomerase gene, which could not shut past its sell-by date the cellular replication process. This article implies that at hand may be a risk in using elder generations of stem cell in treatment, as they may become cancerous. It does not address the issue of the safekeeping of earlier generation of stem cells, the methods of growth and replication used by the researchers, etc. The researchers themselves state that the cut past its sell-by date point for using stem cells should be in the region of 60 generations to dull the cancer risk.
Stem cell research is still in greatly early days, and if I have a cancer or disease which would definitely exterminate me, versus the risk that I may possibly develope a stem-cell induced cancer, I would still take the treatment.
I thought the divergent was true, contained by fact I am pretty sure that stem cell research is anyone done to find ways to use stem cells to mle cancer.
Proliferate: "To grow or multiply by rapidly producing strange tissue, parts, cells, or daughter."

Considering that blood stem cells are one used as a treatment for certain cancer, if you're refering to blood stem cells I'd say-so there's very little evidence to support what you've hear. The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, for example, specializes in treating blood-borne cancer by way of stem cell transplants.

It worked for me. I'm a Hodgkin's Disease survivor who have relapsed three times. It took a stem cell transplant (using my own mother as my donor) to provide me with a stable remission. Fingers are still crossed, but so far so good!

Now. if you're refering to embronic stem cell, I'd say what you read be sheer propoganda designed to justify a person's standpoint against it. The truth is that not ample is known in the region of embronic stem cells (religion keep holding research back) to make such a claim -- anymore so than it's possible to call for them a treatment for anything, since little is really known going on for their potential. Quite the touchy issue these days!

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