A final solution for AIDS?

I've read over the net that the lone possible way to erradicate AIDS is by bloodshed all the infected ones. They said that the those who carry the disease will die anyway. There's an estimated 38.6 million nation now living next to the disease worldwide .
I think tablets will advance ample to find a cure someday and these measures won't have to be taken.
What's your position on it?

There is no any ground for such deed to be justified. Besides, do you construe it will be the final solution to get rid of AIDS? I will answer your query mostly with another question.

Think about it: since when the AIDS existed and how it started? It started newly on the 80's with virus originate from a monkey as the theories says. Now if adjectives infected with AIDS will be kill, will it be safe to influence that the history won't be repeated? The monkeys as the source of the virus still exist and it is very possible that equal virus can be produced in due time. Then will mass bloodshed of AIDS infected population give adequate lesson to mankind to be chaste or being modest surrounded by sex behavior? So if the cycle will be repeated then what will done subsequent? Maybe monkeys should also be eliminated and put into unqualified extinction. It is just time for any human to grasp into realization of the real purpose of sex - that is to say the foremost factor which will make a great transfer in such crisis.
My position is that is to say exactly the way Hitler would enjoy handled it.
It is substantial to our species to eradicate this disease but a "final solution" in not the answer to this or any other disease. I assume we are well on our course to meeting that stand up to..
of course, bloodbath people is wrong, they can still head full live, freddie mercury being a great example.
tablets is advancing a large amount.
i think nearby is a cure but why would the gov wanna use it, the world is just gonna take waaaay over populated if people preserve livin so long.i just look at it resembling you better be careful cus sh!t will come posterior and bite you in the booty..ya know
There hold already been cases of AIDS man cured by natural method.
I think mass murder is unnecessary and ineffective not to mention not permitted and immoral. Would they force every soul to be tested repeatedly until the disease is eliminated from the floor? That would be rather expensive and a focal invasion of privacy. We should continue the three pronged attack of prevention, treatment and the investigate for a cure.
Kill em all.
No one have the right to kill another. We hold to wait till the medicine are discovered.anyway prevention is better than cure.
Aside from being moral wrong, this isn't even feasable. There is no passageway you can know all the inhabitants who are HIV+ right at this moment. Some person is getting infected as you read this. By the time you get done killing everyone surrounded by one county, then moved on to the subsequent, it would be back contained by the county you'd just murdered through. I suppose you could vote, "will everyone please go catch tested today, and we'll shoot all the postive ones?" But somehow I deliberate some people might not travel.

BTW- we're all going to die anyways. Lets try to find some material ways to deal beside this, and leave the preposterous stuff to the movies. You should really read better websites

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