A 62 year ancient masculine feel skinny and light-headed, spleen enlarged?

I would urgently recommend seeing a physician. Splenomegaly, along with the symptoms of delicateness listed above, can be a sign of hematological disease (anemia, leukemia, lymphoma). There is no mode to rule these possibilities out without a medical exam. Again, please see a physician.
Please walk to your doctor right away. If you don't you are going to wake up inert. If you dont get to a doctor afterwards I suggest you watch for the bright frothy and don't bump your head going through the tunnel.
Why would you budge on Yahoo! answers for this? Talk to a real doctor!
outdated age, weak n enlarged sleep, .this is segnifacnt criteria fr haematological dieases, look for other lymph nodes as all right, most probably CML.chronis myloid leukemia,,,,,,,,,,,better get blood test done n look for WBC count..also uric acid too. best is to jump to doc n get adjectives check up done..
I don't see the question here

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