A Doctor within the house?

Hey Docs, I wanna know how anesthesia works? Does it make one sleep deeper than we typically do? It seems similar to a different type of sleep, one minute you're there, the subsequent you're in retrieval. Or does it just give the impression of being that way because wake up in a different place is disorienting? And because we are asleep for a shorter time. But how can you do something to a body lower than anesthesia, that would kill it while awake?

There are an assortment of anaesthetic agents. Some paralyze the muscles, so you can relax the abdominal wall. Some shut down the brain -- the brain can go longer short oxygen with some agents. Some produce sleep. Some use up pain. Combinations of agents are commonly used.
Good grief, to be precise so simple, they put you to sleep, What, You want to be awake?? I don't!
<>The idea at the rear general anasthesia is to produce a philosophical, controllable, totally relaxing state of unconsciousness so that the tolerant feels nil and reacts to nil during surgery. Other anasthesia types are local, where drugs are used to numb a unique small spot that is mortal worked on, and neural (spinal and epidural) anasthesia where the body is numbed but awake during surgery. This is adjectives where a central operation is taking place, but the tolerant needs to be awake to make available input and/or feedback to the surgeon.
Anesthesia basically messes next to the chemicals in the brain to produce a short impermanent coma like state where on earth there is no distress or concious thought.

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