what is the effect of Viagra??

If you are young, you hold "plumbing " that works as good as it get. However as you age valves don't work as very well, cholesterol build-up takes it's toll and the "pipe" doesn't crawl as well. Viagra minimizes the effects of the deterioration and provides behind the times farts like me beside a fuller "pipe". Of course, for the most part, a unmarked GF will do the same trick if the mischief isn't too bad!

And no..it does not increase the libido or sex drive..it aids within the functioning of a man's equipment!
Is supposed to increase men's libido, or sex drive.
no it not pull ur d i c k any bigger, and yes it does engineer ur gun wake up.
most of adjectives if u r not > 45Yld u don't need it. unless..ur .. won't get up up.
it will not make you bigger. it is used to treat erectile dysfunction, or inabiltity to declare an erection. in several cases it is also being used within women and children with reliable cardiac and circulation problems to help increase blood flow.

It have over 12 known side effects that I know of and that doesn't
count for the ones anyone covered up.
Viagra like the falls---El Nino approaching the wind---
for erectile dysfunction.not to make ur penis bigger
It increases the circulation, my girl told me my chops looked like I have lip stick on.. and I am a Man ..
Viagra raises, Niagra Falls.
No it does Not Make it Bigger. It Increases the Blood Flow and will Keep the Unit Up for 2-3 Hrs, You also See next to a Greenish-Blue Hue. Its Fun
Viagra doesnt make your penis bigger. It make the inflatable parts of it able to assert holding blood in them for longer period of time.
it makes u draw from an erection
this is noting but a drug call SIDENEFIL CITRATE it causes smooth muscle contraction within the male sex organ. it act through a cell signalling pathway and elevates the cyclic GMP plane which leads to prolonged erection of that muscle
Stick-around, Buddy. You may own a NEED to find out.

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