1 for Doctors & similar: How long after a 3/4 Omental Resection should I expect to hold full Omental regrowth?

Please only answer if you know something like this sort of thing (Thanks).

Omentum a tissue bin liner of the stomach (So I've been told), following an chance 4 years ago and the subsiquent exploritory laporoptmy, I had three base of it removed. I was told this would effect my digestion of spicy foods for just about a year until it grows back, however 4 yrs subsequent still having problems.

So how long should it run to regrow and is there anything I can do to support it repair quicker?

I'm a fairly able-bodied 27 yr old Male beside no other real vigour problems. I have consulted my GP but he didn't really know adequate about this subject.

Many gratitude.

Speak to a GI doctor and Go have another endoscope done to see what's going on down near.
5 yrs i think try not intake spicy foods
The omentum is a folded peritoneal layer which typically includes like mad of fat tissue and some lymph tissue. It is not much related to digestion. It may affect digestion to a undisputed degree, if trustworthy parts of the omentum were removed cause a problematic positioning of your stomach or small intestines. It may not grow to its original shape, but it will grow if you gain freight in the form of plump. The omentum is responsible for much of what is called the "beer belly."

Click on the interconnect below and scroll to the 4th and 5th images to see the greater omentum within cross-section and frontal views. I am unmindful of any digestive enzymes that the omentum may produce. It is not generally critical to the digestive process. However, trauma and surgery could organize to scarring and "kinks" in the intestine which could slow the transit of food through the GI tract. I don't see how spicy food would be related to that. The doctor probably have another reason for describing you to avoid spicy foods.
no idea
may be it never grows spinal column

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