A few celebrated USMLE question?

I have hear that some people memorise the entire USMLE Step 1 First Aid book.

Is this a honourable strategy? Is the Kaplan lecturer series (selling for just about $400 on Ebay) a good purchase or will I do better buying a bunch of A-grade review books.

it incontestably depends on whether you want to score economically or not.

cough up the monkey and buy the kaplan thing. it's brilliant prep because of adjectives the resources (simulations, diagnostics exam, books, videos, programme, qbooks and qbanks). high-yield no doubt (i'm taking it myself and hold found it brilliant).

otherwise go out and be cheap, buy a bunch of books that don't supply you half the prep. for that concern just move about back and read your summaries of programme or whatever. if you're investing surrounded by something, invest properly, not halfway.

make the difference between a 78/99 and an 90/99
hey kaplan lecturer series is best, i construe there is no involve of A-grade review books, it ,ll be waste of time,n money as very well, n pathology, Biochemistry n physiology are most important among these.. suitable luck :)
n plz wish me Good Luck too :P

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