What be the shortest pregnancy resulting surrounded by a living birth and also what be the longest pregnancy?

Human, I presume?

Time Magazine says that the longest live birth gestation be 375 days.

According to Black's Medical Dictionary, the shortest was 240 days, and it cites the longest as 313 days.

Since in attendance is obviously a breach here, I called my son at Creighton Medical School. 22 or 23 weeks is around the shortest gestation time that a baby can survive. Any early and we would call it a miscarriage. In the US, we aren't really looking to set any documentation, so doctors use artificial means to prevent or slow labor if it is quicker than this.

The same theory applies to slowly labor. After 1 or 2 weeks past the due date, we simply induce labor. Again, the vigour of mother and child is far more important than getting into the narrative books.

The dates within Black's Dictionary probably come from dates where on earth we do not have to help out the baby to survive at adjectives. The last article to develop fully is the mucus lining contained by the lungs that make it possible to breath minus support of any kind, and that happen around the 240 day discoloration.
Are you talking nearly humans or another animal?

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