What do you give attention to the other %90 of our brain is for?

The first answer is surely correct that we use the entire brain on a daily basis, just not adjectives at the same time. [That would probably cause a seizure.]

The most direct method of proving this is to look at fMRIs from brains doing various tasks, and observe that each nouns is activated by at least one of the tasks.

There's also a longer argument about resource consumption, which boils down to this: the body can't afford to spend activeness and space on cells that aren't producing results. If any part of the brain weren't being used, it would obtain rewired to assist nearby areas instead of doing nothing.
To fill up the skull caviity!!
I think that's the brake part. With just 10% we've proven that the smarter man is the more terrifying he is to his existance.
Some of it is for monitoring things. Might tell you if serious is reach, like hunger.

Or good looking sample of different sex in vicinity.

Senses work automatically for you, you usually only pay cheque attenton to results of what brain does.

Keeps lots of recordings, especially of very exciting events -- the 'memorable' ones.

I do not know how the angels do their work, but if you live correctly, they will do some work that shows up there.

Same for the Holy Spirit and God.

Brain is very prominent. Most reliable sign of death known to physicians (and me, as far as I know) is no brain activity.

If drugs be taken, you got to wait for the effects to wear off.

Talking going on for drug free brain, the best kind, if you want a good life.

I perceive like a short answer here tonight, but on some nights I could go for a while on this one.

So, this is a slice answer.
It's a total myth that we only use a certain percentage of our brains. Each part of your brain is for a specific duty or function. Neurologists can look at an area of the brain that has been shabby and then they will know EXACTLY what kind of symptoms that person will enjoy. One small patch controls movement of the left pinky finger. One small patch controls vision in the upper moved out corner. One small patch controls your ability to name common objects. You may not use adjectives portions simultaneously, but I assure you, you use all portions at one time or another.

Psychics are not real. You are welcome to be in motion and collect the $1 million Randi prize if you can prove any type of "psychic" or "esp" talents. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

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