"One Tablet Daily, beside Food?" How to Take Vitamin Pill?

Hello there,
Since I am Chinese and do not know how to take Vitamin Pills, I have a ask of how to take a vitamin pill.
The instruction is as follows:
"One tablet daily, with food."
Is that expect eating one table after meal or with dinnertime? I cannot imagine how to eat tablet with teatime. If so, do I chew the tablet while eat other food, or just drink water helping sending the vitamin pill to my stomach?
Any help and suggestions would be appreciated!
Any tablet/pill should be taken with a cup of water. The best way to get your vitamin immersed quickly is to take it on an empty stomach i.e. before meal. That way your body will gain nice mixture of nutrients you've taken within.
It aids in absorption, within my opinion that is overstated though.
Eat food then swallow the pill with water. If you embezzle the pill first you're likely to get a really bad fondness in your mouth.

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