"Doctors are no money doctors any more"?

I was told this phrase recently, meaning that the today's doctors do not craft big money like they used to.


And while the doctors are losing money, what area is gaining money instead?
Doctors fees are held down by private insurance companies and governemental medicare as to what they rec ei ve!
The insurance companies deduct or discount the fees that are charged as to what is actually paid. Medicare hasn't given a make higher to the doctors since 1990. Yet, the doctors do
get a good portion especially the specialists! In t he past the
doctors didn't own the high cost of living and doing business!
I would say the drug stores and companies reap the most
dollar for their product in comparison to the doctors.
Unfortunately the lenient is still paying a good deal of money for services rendered for medical care!
The problem is, malpractice insurance is through the roof. A big contributing factor to this is frivolous lawsuits.

The fact that Doctors pay so much for malpractice insurance also technique that the era where people went through the hell of the integral process for the big payoffs is not as common; still, getting into medical school is a difficult task, for even though you don't draw from the big payoffs, medical schools are still flooded with applications, perhaps implication that the new era of Docs are going into it for some other reason.

I can't say which nouns is gaining money, but I have been told that OBGYNs collectively have the highest malpractice insurance around, especially because the Doctor can be sued up until the baby he deliver turns 18.

Of course this is all mostly from my opinion mixed with some time experience. . .
The insurance companies that the command require the doctors to carry malpractice insurance with are making money. The malpractice insurance that an obstetrician must pay prevents most doctors from pursuing this specialty (imagine how you would consistency if an OB made a mistake that led to your baby being destabilized somehow). In Nevada, within the past two years there be a crisis from the lack of OB's. That has been alleviated by the use of nurse mid-wives.
The drug companies that trade you drugs for your ills make money from you and the government subsidies for creating different, possibly miracle drugs. The medical equipment manufacturers ( like the people who get MRI machines and ultrasound machines) make tons of money.
The reason doctors can't make as much money is that relatives rarely go to the doctor without insurance. The insurance companies progress to the doctors and allow them into their "network" if they agree to take a lesser amount for office visit and procedures. For example: my sister needed an ultrasound scan several years ago. She didn't have insurance and had to pay $150.00 for the scan( it be very necessary, life or death). On the other mitt, I was pregnant and my insurance company only paid $50.00 for like peas in a pod scan. My bill was "paid in full." The clinic I go to had made an agreement to accept the lesser amount surrounded by order to get approved as "in-network" for the entire corporation I work for (General Electric). They get most of the 600 folks (and their families) that work for the local plant here that way.
I hope that helps you to understand what is going on. No it isn't honourable and I can only hope that Congress and our newly elected president this fall will work on this problem and trade name it better for us all.

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