Stem cell research..fitting or doomed to failure?

I have a paper due on stem cell research and i was wondering why it should be used. i necessitate a few differentn strong arguments
The prospect of human stem cell research has emerged as a frontier scientific and bioethical issue. Ever since investigators reported that they have succeeded in isolating and culturing human embryonic stem cells in 1998, 1 research into these cell has attracted immense scientific and public interest. This new found fitness to grow human stem cells has opened the door to the equals of brand new cells and tissues that might be used to treat those with such serious diseases as Parkinson’s, heart disease, and diabetes.

Moreover, it have improved our prospects for understanding the processes of early human nouns and offers a novel way of trialling drugs for their safety and effectiveness without involving human subjects. Given the immense promise of stem cell research, it is considerable to understand just what stem cells are, where on earth they come from, and what they might do before we go on to explore several major ethical and public policy issues that their application to human beings raise.

Stem cells exhibit two characteristics found in no other cells of the human body: they can renew themselves by cell division and, although they are unspecialized, can differentiate into miscellaneous cell types, such as those of bone, muscle, and blood. These cells are central to human development and vigour for two main reasons: they have a role surrounded by the formation and maintenance of our bodily organs and they travel to diseased or injured tissue sites to inject a stream of new cells to replace those that enjoy gone awry. Stem cells have been discovered contained by human adults and infants, as well as in human embryos, fetuses, placentas, and umbilical cord blood. They are also found in a cavernous variety of animals, including mice, rabbits, monkeys, and fruit flies.

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There are embrionic bank that throw away unwanted embryos for a variety of reasons (the parents had the child, too abundant were fertilized, etc). There is no reason that these cannot be used. They are to be destroyed anyway, and if we could use them we could save million of society.

Most unfamiliar with the process think we want to snag fetuses from abortions. No. We cannot even use these. We requirement the most basic form of cells that multiply into every single type of cell in the human body.

Alzheimers is the classic example because we can inject these stem cell into the part of the brain (the dopaminergic producing area) and they will "stem" to become like those around them.

Type I diabetes, spinal cord injuries, blindness, burns, and many abundant other things could one day be cured, just by using cells that are currently self destroyed everyday.
Good, few will deny this, per se.
Of course it is devout. Some religious people do not like it.

Google it, for your paper.
it's good, because you can grow all sorts of new tissues that might be permanetly dammaged, and sustain heal people in ways never hought since. And now they've found a way to get them from fully fledged skin cells so theres no need to destroy embryos

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