Port-a-Cahte Removal as an "In-Office" Procedure?

I have a new Dr. now who will be ding my surgery. Yet, my frail Dr. has called me stating that he was told by my husband, unbeknowst to me, that I would be have my surgery at his facility despite many problems there. I emphatically stated that my husband would NOT have made such a mistake within judgement considering how I feel about the matter.

This Dr. consequently went on, in an attempt to get me to come to his department, to suggest that I come in one last time to see him for removal of my portacathe, of which he placed in for a moment late in the ballgame: I had have four months of chemotherapy via injection through he vein up until my last series, which is when he placed the port in the first place and my first use thereof cause an infection. Also, the port a Cathe was placed in a hospital environment with the use of anesthesia. I would assume that like peas in a pod environment would be needed to remove it, since the catheter is placed within the braceocephalic vein, and thus a suture needs to be done...
Sometimes we do these underneath anesthesia - that's common. (Sedation, not general)

If you prefer that, make it clear that THAT IS HOW IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Take control of your own care.

If you own a bad feeling about going to this surgeon's organization, LISTEN TO IT.

This procedure CAN be done safely in an office environment, but that doesn't be going to that all offices are safe. Go next to your gut on this.
It sounds as if your old doctor is developing a case of sour grapes.

This is YOUR life and YOUR vigour that we are discussing and you have every right to find a doctor whom you feel comfortable with and to wish treatment in a facility that is compatible with the investigational doctor and your personal preferences.

Refuse phone calls from the other doctor and get all of your archives transferred to your new one.

As for the removal of the catheter, that SHOULD be done in a hospital environment in travel case of complications since you have been through so much already.

Good luck!

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