"lithium" where on earth it is found contained by plants , animals...?!?

lithium is the lightest of metals. it can be found in the blood. if u lack it ,it can cause problems. except drugs or medicine, CAN a person get this mineral from food.
You could suck on a 9-volt mobile....only joking, don't do that.

Food sources of Lithium are seafood, potatoes, dairy, seaweed, sugar cane, eggs, tomatoes and mineral dampen. However, I think that depends upon the richness of the soil, for the items that are grown.

Lithium really has no biological purpose for us. However, the Lithium Ion, Li+ is used for Lithium salts, which is used contained by mood stabilizing drugs.

The same effect will not be achieved by simply eating the above foods.
You can get some from Scotty and Capt. Kirk.

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