(MEDICINE) i entail a doctor to answer my ask!?

okay you know how you tell your patients not to eat before taking sample of blood

well um i at one chocolate chip cookie

and i have to go to the doctor surrounded by 3 hours

do you think thats going to affect me ?
It's going to affect your blood sugar.
The doctors are going to look at your results on the presumption that you haven't been eating for the time they told you not to. Eating will conveyance the values of certain tests and this will affect their interpretation of your results. Tell them you ate the cookie and they will probably tell you to transport the test another day or to wait until then.
It very well could. That cookie will adjust values such as blood sugar and cholesterol, and will give readings different than if you had followed directions.

Be honest - communicate the doctor, and don't get your blood drawn until you can follow directions and do it right.

There are very few people who can't afford to miss a lunchtime. Do it right the next time.

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