Should i start taking paxil? (proxetin)?... its my first anxiety pills?

Okay,, today i went to my school counseling center and talked to the psycatrist for resembling 30 mins for the first time... He diddn't asked me much about me, but i told him about my social anxiety and obsessive thoughts.. so he simply prescribed me Proxetine and he didn even explaind to my will go away or when i will stop taking the drug.. He just told me the dosage info...
and now i fell approaching he should have tried to know more about me and help me surrounded by other ways than putting me in medication.. I don fell like my anxiety is not that severe to be put on medication..
And after reading the sideffectes online i am worried and can't decide if i should start it or not?
is this medication the kinda medication that i can start taking and stop taking it after my symptoms turn away? or i am going to need to be on the medication all my life?
Okay near is not going to be one correct answer on this subject. Everyone is different. I do speak from personal experience, I have been medicated for depression and anxiety but am not anymore. I know people who own been medicated for a long time, I know people who took meds for a while and do not need it any longer. I would significantly recommend you go back at talk to your counselor around your concerns and not take anyone's word for it on this site.

I also recommend that, if possible, you do the following...

1. Who knows? Do your parents know? How almost your friends? If not then tell them. The mistake I made was hold everyone in the dark and things got worse for me because of it. Tell your moral friends, and tell your parents. It helps a tremendous amount to have family to talk to.

2. Now your question makes it give the impression of being like you do not like your counselor very much. If to be exact the case I would recommend you find someone else. If money is a problem then that can be hard, but if money is not an issue than I would find a trial psychiatrist that you like. But keep in mind that a psychiatrist is different from a shrink. If you are looking for someone to talk to, then you are looking for a therapist or a social worker.

3. There are things you can do that relieve with anxiety. I am not saying you don't need medication, I don't know your situation. But doing things approaching exercising and eating better can help with anxiety. Something as simple and riding a bike or shoveling snow can be satisfactory for me. It gets the blood flowing a bit and that kind of thing is a inborn release of anxiety.

I hope some of this helped.
It is not the type of med. that you can start and stop. It is actually very uncertain to just stop it and could result in severe migraine headaches among other things.
I own been on Paxil for about 5 years with no conspicuous side effects. I have been pleased with it's results.
I will convey you that I think I would speak to another doctor first, or go back and address to this Doctor again, and ask him all your questions and the things you are concerned about.
You are surrounded by charge of your health so ask questions, become informed

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