Does smoking CAUSE cancer?

I learned in highschool a while back that smoking does not "cause" cancer, a short time ago increases your risk. This is why some people never smoke and get lung cancer and others can smoke their whole duration and not get it.......genetic predisposition to cancer.

Took many bio-chem courses in college, but this wasn't ever mentioned.....(talked something like cancer cells, but nothing specific like smoking and lung cancer).

I'd own to say 100% of people i talk to vote it does "cause" cancer and when i say it doesn't....they say i'm wrong.....and they say they cultured that ......

Just trying to figure out if there are new studies out or something that changed my previous kindly.
Well, whoever told you that in high school, didn't know what they be talking about... I'll bet they are also a smoker because smokers are really good something like kidding theirselves that smoking does not cause cancer.

Cancer is caused when INDIVIDUAL CELLS are changed at the cellular smooth and then reproduce as abnormal cells... SMOKING is a CAUSE of unusual cell growth... as is ANY tobacco product that is inhaled or ingested into the body... people who chew tobacco, have cancer of the MOUTH and THROAT... culture who smoke have cancer of the mouth, throat and lungs.
I write life reinsurance treaty contracts for insurance companies. All the mortality tables, which used to have four factor - male/female (gender) and smoker/nonsmoker (health impairment risk) - are now pretty much just split into smoker/nonsmoker. You smoke, you are decreasing your mortality up to 40% - this means your final life span could be almost cut in half - primarily from the risk of cancer, which smoking have been proven to be a major cause of - read the qualification on the side of a pack of cigs. Yes there is genetic predisposition too. Here is a quote from Sloan Kettering: "Risk Factors & Prevention
Smoking, or exposure to tobacco in any form, is the major risk factor for lung cancer. Nonsmokers who breathe the smoke of others, habitually called secondhand smoke, are also at increased risk for lung cancer. Stopping exposure to tobacco smoke at any age lowers the risk of lung cancer."
As far as I remember science doesn't prove that cigarettes cause cancer. Scientifically you would say there is a correlation. That mechanism if you look at the numbers people who smoke more also happen to be more likely to grasp cancer. There's a relationship between the numbers which is pretty good evidence that cigarettes cause cancer.

An example is if someone did a study that if you drink coffee there is a highly developed chance you'll get cancer, but it may be something else entirely. If I drink coffee I'm more likely to drink creamer near it too. The creamer might be what's actually causing it, but you would still see a correlation between the coffee and the cancer.

For example, it may not be the tobacco it may be the extra nicotine added in by the factory. However, it is feasible that cigarettes do cause cancer because they've done enough studies on it, but if you were attempting to be really specific you'd own to say there is much evidence, but like everything contained by life you can't be 100 percent sure. To get proof you need to do a controlled experiment contained by a lab instead of just a study

The effects of cigarettes simply take too long to do the needed controlled experiement on a human being, but I don't reflect on that's really needed anyway.
There is a LOT of evidence that it does. It "increases the risk" so much that it is legitimate to say it causes it. Also carcinoma of the bladder, and esophageal cancer. Now, some relations get lung cancer who have never smoked, so it is not the ONLY cause. It IS one of the cause.
In a nutshell:

Smoking does not motive cancer, but makes the causes more likely, even though nearby is no guarantee. My dad has been smoking for 35 years, about 40 a daytime, no cancer, my neighbor, didn't smoke, and she died. Just like the plane analogy 'upstairs' .
The 1000s of carcinogens in the smoke can cause cancer yes. Chances are that if you smoke you will find cancer.

When you inhale small particles they enter your bloodstream through your lungs and can cause mutation.

You are right, there is a destiny you can smoke and not get cancer. There is also an chance you can crash your plane and live... are you really going to try to find out 1st person.

Let me know how it works out. Anyone else want to repeat what I already said?

rock on gardengirlct
Scientists have been competent to induce tumors in rats using tobacco tar. Smoking causes cancer. In those biochem courses, I'm sure that you covered DNA. The smoke from any burning organic material contains carginogens that bind to DNA and can cause problems beside replication and gene expression. This doesn't happen in everybody, but that could be because they have the wherewithal to deal with the presence of a carcinogen through various mechanism.

As a side note, it's important to point out that the number one cause of destruction from smoking is not cancer. It's heart disease.
It's the leading cause of lung cancer. True some associates that never smoked get lung cancer. Some people who never drank alcohol get liver cancer but it is the most adjectives among drinkers.

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