If one could scientifically and systematically prove that the following be harmful, would throw any away?

By dangerous, I mean hazardous to one's health (cancer-causing, carcinogen creating, a possibility of disease). If you could clearly see that the following could create spoil down the road, would you stop the use of the following? (In other words, what would you live without for health reasons if you honestly know that they cause harm)

1. A cell phone
2. A microwave
3. Diet Soda
4. Processed Foods
5. Teflon non-stick coating
6. Flu shots or any childhood shots
7. Chocolate (non-organic)

Just curious. :) Thank you.
id be guessin either the cell phone(i just get mine suspended)
or the teflon
Eh. Probably not. Pretty much all of them have been solidly proven not to hold problems. Not sure about the teflon honestly, I hadn't heard of any complaints against it previously.

Remember, there's no 100% certainty surrounded by medicine, and 2,3,4, and 6 have pretty well particular positives.
None. Seriously. It has been proven that the upper air I'm breathing here in the city where I live causes cancer. It's outstandingly polluted from chemical plants. If one carcinogen doesn't get you, another one will. I don't live my life in disquiet.
I give up none of these. Green grass is not yet tested, Even it may be carcinogenic. Age itself is a factor for cancer,diabetes,hypertension etc. How to stop aging.

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