How much vicodin is poisonous?

I have a prescription for vicodin for after my surgery next week and i'm scared nearly taking it. How much is lethal? I;ve never taken it before but its for 500mg every 6 hrs, and i weigh 105.
That's a question you should ONLY ask your doctor or pharmacist. Use it ONLY as directed.
You should ask a Pharmacist/professional but it does depend on your age, shipment, and internal organ developement,etc. Good Luck with your surgery :)
500mg? yea only 1 every 6 hrs...
if its too strong, later take half a tab,
but make sure to guzzle something before taking it and no driving while ur on it.

moltrin is a secondary b4 taking that, or tylonel. whichever u prefer. but vicodin makes u drowsy.

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