Why can a blood type of O cynical donate blood to anyone?

And what is the difference between O positive and O negative. Like, what makes the plus and minus?
Its a clotting factor, the positive and cynical refer to the Rh factor.
The universal donor is O positve, not negative.
Where "B" contains "anti-A" antibodies and "B" antigens and "A" have "anti-B" antibodies and "A" antigens, O does not contain the "A" and "B" antigens, so it will not induce an immune response in an A-recipient or a B-recipient (or, an AB recipient).

The positive and negative represents the Rhesus "Rh" factor (another antigen), which is present in positive blood types and not within negative blood types.

The universal donor is O- (no antigens). The universal acceptor is AB- (no antibodies).
I see that "justagrandma" is a top contributor, but their answer is very incorrect.
O unenthusiastic is the universal donor - that means any blood type can receive O neg blood. And the Rh factor is not a clotting factor.

Red blood cells own glycoprotein antigens on their surfaces. Examples of these antigens are A, B, and D (D is the Rh antigen, which is the positive or negative in the blood type.) Type A blood has "A" antigens, type B have "B" antigens, type AB has both, and type O has neither. Your Rh (positive or negative) is whether or not you have the D antigen on your cell.
Now, in our blood we also have antibodies that bind to specific antigens. The antibodies are not on the red cells where on earth the antigens are, but in the plasma, the liquid part of blood. We form antibodies to protect us from foreign substances such as germs or tissues that are not from our own bodies.
Individuals with Type A blood will have an antibody that will attack cells next to the "B" antigen....so if you give a type A person type B blood they can have a toxic reaction. And oppositely those with Type B blood have an antibody that will attack cell with the "A" antigen.
NOW...you can give any person (any blood type) Type O distrustful blood because there are no antigens on the Type O red blood cells that could cause a allergic reaction with the recipient's antibodies. Conversely, a Type O negative person can ONLY receive O refusal blood. This is because they have antibodies to both "A" and "B" antigens (those on the red cells of type A,B, or AB people).

I hope that makes sense.

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