Question About oxycontin??

Why does everyone look down on people who are prescribed Oxycontin for chronic pain? Even if they really need it to function time to day? Its not right.
Because heroin addicts are looked on as one of the worst types of drug abusers.And Oxycontin is a legal form of herion.And used to give support to x addicts.So there is a relation to the drug automatically.
Probably because they don't understand that some relations need the drug because they are in horrific pain ~ something they themselves hold not experienced. Also, they may think that with all the medium coverage on Oxycontin addiction that everyone who uses it becomes addicted to it, when they don't.
Because it's abused by so many people, and have been widely reported in the media.

I agree near you; some people need it and use it properly and should not be disrespected because of that.

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