I hold a drug try-out tomorrow?

i have a drug test tomorrow. im curious if i'll pass if i took one hit of weed later week but didnt get high?
The fact that you didn't return with high doesn't matter. However, if you only took "one hit" and you don't find high or smoke Marijuana on a regular or daily basis - you should be fine, especially if you did this ultimate week. If your timing was cut even closer, drinking some extra water adds somewhat insurance (16.9 oz bottle to 20 oz bottle of water). Drink one bottle every hour for the next 4-5 hours and you'll be okay. Marijuana typically stays in your system the longest because the THC attaches itself to the fat cell in your body, but this build up occurs after prolonged and long term use. It can help yourself to up to thirty (30) days for THC to leave your body if you have a heavy build up of the substance contained by your system.

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