How tons pills does it give somebody a lift to OD?

I don't want to take to many, but I have be taking my dad's prescribed ones that are maximum strength and 1's doesn't work. I don't want to OD right now, I just really want to sleep. So how many should I avoid? appreciation all
About 5 million sugar pills should do the job. Good luck.
Read the rear of the bottle, it should tell you the maximum pills you should take for your age, however if they are prescribed to your dad you probably shouldn't be taking them anyway. ODing is different for everyone, it depends on your gender, substance, height, and your tollerance, so it's hard to tell. I suggest you purely take one, or maybe try an over the counter med.
DO NOT take any medication that is not yours.

End of story!

ONE could winding up up being enough as you never know what medication might do to you when it's not supervised or ordered by a doctor that has checked you out.
You really shouldn't be taking any of them if they're not prescribed to you. We have no way of even knowing what sort of drug you're contemplating on taking.
What kind of pills are they? Different medication have different overdose levels, this question is not really answerable IMO.

But unanimously 2 of anything is not going to cause an overdose, 3 can make some people sick or enjoy weird side effects.
just make sure you're not taking your dads zyprexa or zovirax, lol

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