How detrimental is a plastic bottle for drinking sea ? Is near any better alternative ?

It is safe and better than any other container at present unless it is not recycled!
its not ab out refill.the thing is that when kept for a long time exposed to sunlight there is a chace for the polyster to discentegrate and mix with the marine this could cause toxication.
avoid this by using aluminium containers.
It isn't harmful at all as long as you clean it between uses. There be a bit of a cancer scare around DEHA in plastic bottles a while ago but you don't need to verbs for two reasons:

1) Almost all plastic bottles are made from PET not DEHA.

2) DEHA isn't in certainty a carcinogen so even if the bottles were made from it, they wouldn't be harmful.

The claim originated contained by a Master student's thesis which was never peer reviewed, nor published and he wrongly identified DEHA as a carginogen and that plastic bottles were made from DEHA. I'm thinking he didn't in truth get a very good sap!

Plastic drinking bottles are one of the safest, most convenient water containers. Depending on the circumstances, you could use glass or aluminium instead but both are much heavier and glass is more fragile.

I thought I heard it be only harmful if people reuse them by wadding them back up repeatedly.
You can use Sigg type of aluminium water container

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