How come a personage isnt hot to touch, even though they are nearly 100 degree...?

like other things which are 100 degrees are hot to touch, why not people?
A few reason:
1. 98.6 is the internal temp. It cools off as you go from deep inside, read aloud, an artery, to the surface of your skin, which is in equilibrium with the outside atmosphere. The outside atmosphere is so much larger than a human body that it is pretty much a sink for body heat. This is also how clothes work; it keep the air from moving away from you, and the small amount of it caught in your clothes won't be able to stroke as a sink.

2. Even if the skin was able to get up to full internal heat, 98.6 isn't all that hot to touch once you think about it. You're competent to drink hot water or coffee, which is almost twice as hot. 98.6 is just a bit warm to the touch.
actually they aren't. bake something to 95-97degrees (the temperature of the skin) and it will feel warm, but not hot. most hot sea is usually around 120 or higher.
Beacuse we are like peas in a pod temperature. Make sure you are keeping your C and F degrees clear.
It's adjectives about temperature differential. If your body temperature is one and the same as the person that you are touching, then you won't feel much difference. However, if you are running a frenzy - OR the person you are touching is running one - then you'll certainly thought a difference. Also, if your hands are warmer or cooler than usual - for instance, if you warm them over fire or hold a few rime cubes in them - and then touch a person who hasn't warm or made his/her hands cold, then again, you'll feel a difference.
If your temp is 98.6F & someone else is 100.0F, there is just over a scope of difference, & while you can feel a slight difference, it isn't going to be a case of burning your hand...
Because your not a thermometer
Your largest living organ, skin, is the largest block between your nervous system and the outside world. Thermometers measure the interior of a person, not the exterior of the soul. If you felt the, "guts" of a human they would be very warm to the touch. If you are a hunter and own ever skinned a deer, you would understand that the interior of an animal is much warmer than the exterior. So the skin is keeping the heat surrounded by on the other human that you touch. Plus, your skin is keeping you protected from extreme heat.

Hope this helps

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