(WARNING: gross) I took my contraceptive pill at midnight, and the subsequent morning I puked something bitter?

Here is my story. I had a lot of alcohol last darkness, and right after that I took my pill and went to sleep at midnight. I think I was ill throughout the night, especially in the morning. At around 8:30am I puked something yellow and bitter, and I assumed it be the pill that I took last night (which was yellow) especially since I didn't consume ANYTHING else during the dark or in the morning.

So what else could it have been, I puked out the pill after 8 hours after taking it, right? So it be in my stomach all night for over 8 hours? For how long should I hold back from having sex?
Sounds like you vomited bile, not the pill. You drank a lot and next did not eat.
Yellow and bitter sounds more like bile, have not eatten anything probably would have caused your body to puke up your bile, as you didn't have anything contained by your stomach. Basically I'd say the puking was caused by the drinking and the yellowish situation was bile, which isn't dangerous or anything to your health.

As for how long you should hold back from having sex? Until you've made sure you've taken the pill when you're not drinking and you read the directions?
until you get married.
Depends on the pill type. Read the roll insert and follow the directions for missing a pill. Since you think you puked it up, then basically its resembling you didn't take it anyway.
There should be instructions with the pack which tells you what do to if you miss a pill. (You own effectively missed a pill).
You probably need to use other contraception for the rest of your current cycle. (But as I said: - read the leaflet that comes with your brand).
those pills can do that to you.
the same thing happen to my friend
although she puked for like the whole
day straight.

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