Swine Flu (A H1N1) FAQ

If this swine flu is so contagious why dont they shut down the borders around Mexico?
Just wondering that if this new swine flu pandemic(as they are calling it) is so deadly and catchy why wouldnt they close the borders around Mexico? It's already gotten out of Mexican borders...doing that would be a bit pointless don't you think?...

I deliberate I might own swine flu I own most of the symptoms but my doctors said no what do i do?
I have diarrhea, head aches, ear ache, and a fever. My doctor said i wasn't sick at all but I am feeling SO vague. I have a fever even though he says I don't. I hold had every single person in my household check me...

Why is everyone ignore swine flu?
This can kill alot of people, it spreads like any other cold or flu, but can gun down you...do people no realise how bad this can be?Just think - 1 party can give it to 100 people, they all supply it to 100 people each,...

With the alarm of swine flu floating around...?
What happens when WHO issues a Phase 5? Do they start shutting down grocery stores?? Can you not leave your house? Martial Law? What about stage six? REAL Answers please... Obviously I wouldn't post if I be looking for fake ones....

I don't enjoy the swine flu. I'm gonna live! Thanks R&S, glory be to anything floats your boat?
I really believed I was dying of swine flu for about 20 minutes. Thanks for keeping level head and talking me down from that ledge. - come back to discuss religion anytime =D

What website do i establish the best Masks to prevent from getting the swine flu?
- http://www.redcrossstore.org/I like this one: http://workplace.redcrossstore.org/Shopper/Product.aspx?UniqueItemId=448

Why does the communication hang on to motto that the relations own singular have mild swine flu?
What would be more than mild? - mild is low to middle serious-ness, Severe would be high serious-ness.like my hyphens?

How long does the swine flu virus live on surfaces?
Can anyone offer any other helpful facts or statistics?mortality rate? - Until you wave some bacon at it.

We Swine Flu crust in the neighbourhood our conservatory should we be doing anything?
We had a Swine Flu case in a conservatory in our city, the day before we played a baseball winter sport with the school. Should be be closing our school approaching they closed theres?We have a warning that we might close but it was individual...

Do you mull over the swine flu is going to bring over the world?
I was watching I Am Legend.. and it got me thinking about the swine flu. Do you focus it's going to kill everyone? - nope.

Swine flu and moving to Europe! Yes I'll pass you 10 points..?
Hey well Im moving to Europe in june and i live in florida right in a minute. I already bought plane tickets would they get canceled? Also do you think countries in Europe will enjoy enough supplies for this swine flu? My child also goes...

swine flu question!!?
Ok im real scared... I live in west texas. How can i bring the swine flu? What are the symtoms? What precautions do i take? Help me please. Im so scared. A lil boy in my town is dyin from it. Thank u... - It...

Any confirmed cases of Swine Flu contained by North Carolina and what are the symptoms?
I live in North Carolina and i'm in middle school. No i am NOT startled about it i'm just merely curious. I'm more worried about not catching this bug at college, three people leaving home in soon feeling like they had to vomit, immediately that...

Is the Swine Flu that big of a treaty?
the media is making it a big deal - not as long as you get vaccinate if you catch it.It's really not all that serious


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