Swine Flu (A H1N1) FAQ

Is anyone here freaking roughly speaking the Swine Flu?
Im kind of freaking about it, only because im going to Disneyland tomorrow.You know how plentiful viruses can be there! - cancel your plansyour going to dieLMAO.im tomfoolerycalm dowwwwnnjust relax and have funits no different next the regular flu

Is it undisruptive to travel by nouns to Asia considering the swine flu epidemic?
- It's not "safe" to travel by aircraft anywhere at the moment.Nor has it ever been... You're in a closed environment beside recycled air. It's a cesspool.

What exactly is the Swine Flu?
what is the Swine Flu and where is it right now? - the information changes express so here is a website to keep you updatedhttp://www.cdc.gov/swineflu/index.htm

which states did the swine flu already spread surrounded by USA?
- New York I think.

Serious put somebody through the mill for Muslims something like Swine Flu?
Please don't think I'm dumb for saying this, but I was thinking more or less this last night...are there any Muslims that have a feeling like this Swine Flu may be a sign from God? since pork is haram? I understand that swine flu is...

Do I hold the swine flu?
My nose is running. So go catch it, don't dribble away our time!! - If you are concerned see your doctor

Is my academy going to close because of Swine flu?
I live in Toronto, Canada and anybody who has ever gone to school here know that schools here don't close often. How long, if ever, do you think it will lug for schools to close in the GTA, i know at least 3 ethnic group...

When exactly did the swine flu outbreak transpire within fused states?
When was the first sites of swine flu detected in the U.S.? The first I heard nearly it was April 26 th last sunday.I mean when be the recent outbreak detected? withing the yr of 2009 hitting the states? - Do NOT take a vaccine...

how release from swine flu is my 16month mature son?
- no more save then anyone else

How do i protect myself from the swine flu?
I don't live in mexico (thank god,)but like im really scared to go and get it considering there's no cure for it.I know all the basics like bathe you're hands regularly and stuff,but i really don't want to get.Oh and do you think within its...

swine flu ??
what are the symptoms and have any died in the uswhat states is it in too - Yes, the first release in the U.S was a baby from Mexico that go to Texas to visit family, that baby be only a 23 month old boy....

Is swine flu surrounded by the atmosphere?
- What kind of air?


Will I attain swine piggy flu if I break my piggy mound by droping it on the floor?
- No, that is not possible.

Is the Swine Flu spreading that inadequately or are culture over exagerating?
Okay on the news they are saying that the flu is now worldwide and if at hand is just 1 case at you school the together school closes!and i really didnt think that it was that impossible!!and does anyone know how bad it is spreading?...

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