Swine Flu (A H1N1) FAQ

Did anybody hear of any suspected cases of swine flu virus contained by Orlando, FL?
- I haven't heard of it yet.I live in the panhandle.Here is a map of where on earth cases have been reported.http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/04/27/health/main4970710.shtml?source=RSSattr=HOME_4970710scroll to bottom.

Any theories on why singular those surrounded by Mexico enjoy died from Swine Flu?
It baffles me. Lack of decent health watchfulness maybe? Or could it be reacting to another virus that is going around Mexico? What do you ponder. In some ways, we should be thankful to the Mexicans, if not for them catching on...

I hold the swine flu?
My doctor just diagnose that I have the swine virus. What should I do? Should I visit my relatives or is it too risky?Reason why I didn't go to the doctor was because I refuse their their service. They required to put me in hospital...

is it alright to munch through bacon beside the swine flu going around?
i live in the US. - Yes. Cooking the bacon kills any viruses. Cooked pork is fine.

Breaking News Regarding The Swine Flu Outbreak: What Does Level 5 Mean In Layman's Terms?
I was watching CNN & the swine flu outbreak has been upgraded to height 5, what does that mean in layman's terms?How & what are you doing to protect yourself & your loved ones from this forthcoming pandemic? Thank You Kindly. - level 5 is...

Might I hold swine flu?
The today I woke up and I had a runny nose, stuffy nose, and coughing. I regard I might have gotten it from school? Do you think I enjoy it? - Yes. Definitely. That sounds EXACTLY like it. You need to put in the picture...

Who else is sick of audible range roughly speaking the swine flu?
Seems like the media's overblowing it. - i hope so. im scared.

Have ethnic group died from the swine flu?
I have heard that 150+ people within Mexico have died from it. also, 1 guy in Texas last darkness passed and 2 more in Cali. is it true? if i get it will i die? or is it a rumor? how many relations really died?...

POLL: How afraid of swine flu are you right in a minute?
1 = ZERO. Couldn't care less.to100 = Terrified and about to nouns. - One :)

anyone touch close to me?!?!?!?!?! (swine flu)?
dude im so scared about the swine flu lol.i live in texas too and not merely that but i have state tests this week as well so i hold all this anxiety and i kinda feel sick anyone else feel close to that? lol -...

Swine Flu ...?
what do you know about Swine Flu?you think that the whole world will died ?? - I do not know something like the whole world dieing, as other deadly diseases are expected to come after this one. But it has the potential to decimate many...

do you know how to prevent swine flu? cuz i do!?
if your jerk off 4 times a day you wont carry it Welcome back :DDoes that mean I have to receive a penis? - Just stay away from suspicious people...

are we adjectives going to really die from the swine flu?
my friend told me that every ones going to die because of the swine flu! is that true!??!?! :( I guess it depends on if the government decides to let us die, since they put it out within. But seriously, Every year...

Poll: Who else is freaking out in the region of the Swine flu?
I live in California and am worried not only for myself, but for my son who attends preschool and brings home a new virus every week. Assurance needed please! - not me

How plentiful confirmed death surrounded by Mexico are from Swine Flu?
I am hearing numbers of over 100 people but then hear something approaching 5? Its confusing! Surely they should now by now how many inhabitants in Mexico died of swine flu or normal flu? - 200 about.

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