Swine Flu (A H1N1) FAQ

Does anyone have a sneaking suspicion that this swine flu item is human being blown out of proportion?
I mean if it is not one global catastrophe it's another. Seems similar to someone wants to keep us on our toes.wow, so many obedient answers so far. I like all of them so I may just agree to this question go to vote! -...

Will the swine flu virus Kill me?
Not once have I not gotten the flu when I go to the Gym.Will the swine flu virus kill me? LOL no. - ok its not going to destroy everyone chances are it wont

Obama Approval still RISING-Republicans cut Swine Flu Funds Are Repubs insane?
http://www.realclearpolitics.com/pollsObama's approval rating is still RISINGRepublicans cut stimulus funds for Flu outbreakAre Republicans gone insane? - And the hate goes on.

Did Obama bring Swine flu to the US to return with rid of adjectives the filthy capitalist pigs?
I sure hope so - that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

How come young-looking inhabitants are the most adjectives to the swine flu?
Young people with healthy immune systems are dying. Does anyone else find this unexpected? Babies and seniors aren't targeted by this.This flu is scary, because it is killing healthy youthful adults. That is not what normal flu does. Normal flu usually only kills the fundamentally...

Poll: Are you aware of the swine flu?
- ..No. Now I want to know!


How can Swine Flu be cured?
what kind of medicine is given? and does it work? was it given to those who died surrounded by Mexico? - http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu/key_facts.htm

Did you know that in1977, 1 creature died from swine flu, and 25 from the vaccine?
Steven lets hear some stats on that one too.Capt T I will take the word of a US Congress man and Medical doctor over you thanks.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB5-Y08qbjoCapt T I will help yourself to the word of a US Congress man and Medical doctor over you thanks.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB5-Y08qbjo...

What is wrong beside inhabitants here when it comes to Swine Flu?
I searched "I have swine flu" just for fun to see if anyone have it on Y!A, which I doubted but whatever. Anyways, I see all of these questions just about these extremely paranoid people. I saw one who was scared to turn...



Can you bring back swine flu from inhaling the infected those you know what?
- What? We don't know what the you know what is!? Try to keep from being too gross!

Do you reason this category is a roll with laughter riot because of adjectives the relatives that nick swine flu seriously?
I laughed so hard tonight, I might not need to see Jay Leno or Kimmel.Great stuff.Some of these people think swine flu is the apocalypse. Who knew those damn piggies be going to get us all in the finish off? - i know, it's great!...

Did you know that in1977, 1 party died from swine flu, and 25 from the vaccine?
Yes Hustle that is the plan.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB5-Y08qbjoThis is in the United States. No one has died nonetheless. - wow, didn't know that but i will definitely spread the word. That's the probably the next thing everyone will start doing is getting the vaccine

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