Swine Flu (A H1N1) FAQ

What make the swine flu epi/pandemic more serious than any other strain of the flu virus?
- Okay, well, as you probably knew already, the disease came from Mexico, and the US have been having the problem with border hoppers as it is.So my point is madeTo summarize:Too oodles dirty men hopping = bad sickness

why is the Swine flu such a huge buy and sell?
why is it so huge on the news?if its not likely to kill..why have it killed so many ppl, why it it such a big deal?im sick of the crap on the communication, arent you??its doing nothing but scaring the shet out of ppl! :(...

SWINE FLU POLL: To how copious degree must Kevin Bacon be cooked to avoiding contamination near swine flu?
INTERNAL temp, of course... 6Swine Flu caused the postponement of the Wolverine movie premier in Mexico.Wolverine stars Hugh Jackman who played contained byX-men with Halle Berry who played inJungle Fever with Samuel L. Jackson who played surrounded byShaft with Geoffry Wright who...

What if this swine flu is simply the instigation...anyone ever read The Stand?
What if this swine flu is just the beginning...anyone ever read The Stand? What would you do if you were among the finishing people in the U.S. left alive after a dangerous virus ran its course?and just for the record the book be set in...

Is it true that Obama's teleprompter have contracted swine flu?
What should we do? How will he know what to tell the country if his teleprompter has fallen not a hundred percent? LMAO - So far, these are the only teleprompters exhibiting symptoms:http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a4/SOU2007.jpg

What does the swine flu do?
what does the swine flu do to you when you catch it and how does it kill you? - Don't worry something like it...your more than likely not going to catch it...chill out

Is Swine Flu Deadly or Annoying!?
because i have been browsing about on the Swine FLu and enjoy been wondering, can it kill you?i live on the isle of wight, is that a deadly place for the swine flu to destroy? - It's both.

Why have not a soul blamed Swine Flu on intercontinental warm?
First!I know I have seen both Obama, Bush, trilateralists, CDC, Pentagon, Haliburton and Dick Cheney -even Al Gore. But as a serious follower of popular trends, fads, fears and overkills, I would absolutely have thought GB would have been mentioned. Of course, I can't monitor...

what is swine flu?
like wut causes it, wut are the sympyoms, is there medication that can cure it? is it an arborn disease or do u corner it by going in to you like food. what does it do - it follows the same guidelines as a regular...

Poll:Are you preparing for the swine flu?
This is really starting to look a little scary.There are cases already popping up in the US,the president of Mexico have assumed emergency powers,and antwhere from 20 to 65 people have died from it.Are you taking precautions?If so,what? - yeah imma start washing...

information on pandemic swine flu(pig flu)?
i am afraid. what should i know about this kind of flu - Don't worry going on for it. We're more prepared for it than you may think.

I know the Swine Flu come from the pigs my give somebody the third degree what be one doing next to the pig to go and get it..?
if you can't get it by eating pork..then how did the one party get himself infected and then started to spread it all overgee katie..your the perverted one thinking that..not me I a moment ago was wondering how did someone contract it thats all geesh...

What is the swine flu?
Will it wipe out the human race!?I heard it could. - if everyone catch it, and there is no cure, yeah

What can we do to stop the swine flu from spreading?
How can we put an end to the flu? What will it take? Tell me what you know. - I know a good route to stop it from spreading would be to stop human contact, and wash your hands a lot throughout the...

What are the signs of catching the swine flu going around?
I am really freaked out that it's going to come to Washington. Someone threw up the other day, and everyone is coughing like nuts, it's really freaking me out, I don't like going to institution because this guy keeps coughing on me on purpose and...

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